Mama Furniture: The woman who loves being a carpenter

Posted: August 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Most times we see stories of women suffering, in poverty and with little to call their own. Then once in a while, a bright star would appear and remind us that most times, all it takes is the courage to step out of the conditions you find yourself in and just make it work. Yes, it would be hard but it is not impossible. Carry on Mama Furniture. Really proud of you.

Moonchild's Temple


Faith Okeikwue, 48, is a famous carpenter in Mararaba,a suburb of Abuja who has earned the nickname Mama Furniture. She has sponsored her children to university working as a carpenter. For her, carpentry is not just a means of livelihood; it is a love affair from her childhood.


It was almost noon. The sun was hot and in the resultant heat, traders and artisans along Mararaba’s Old Karu Road, just outside Abuja, retreated into the shades of their business premises or under sun-beaten parasols, watching the cars drive pass.

Under a tattered patchwork of an awning, shredded in parts, a young carpenter was hard at work, hammering nails into a piece of fitment while a woman in a pink vest and a yellow wax wrapper leaned on a table watching him casually. She could pass for a customer, or one of the women selling things nearby. But in fact…

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