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My sister is a published poet… Really! Ok yes, it’s not her own collection of poems and prose, not yet anyway. But she will be featured in the collection of Nigerian and Korean poems that is yearly published by the Korean Cultural Center. YEAH!!!

It all started when she told us, her siblings, about a poetry competition that is has been organized yearly by the KCC. Even though the deadline was 5 days away, we still pushed her into writing. We became her editors (yes, a lawyer and media consultant combo would do wonders for your works) and we actually saw that she could write poems (so we thought). And finally, she submitted.

On the 26th of March, I found myself dashing out of the house to be Wanma’s cheerleader at the KCC. She got a message inviting her to the 5th Korea Nigeria Poetry Feast…as a finalist for their poetry competition.

Although World Poetry Day was the 21st of March, 2015, this is a big day for the KCC as well. This poetry feast is one of the first events they organized when it first opened in Nigeria and for 5 years, it has been growing. With 126 entries for this year’s competition, it was a proud moment for us, the Yaro Clan, to have Wanma be in the Top Ten.

The event was hosted by Heywhy the Rhymer. Now this guy has lyrics of his own and he is great when it comes to praise and worship lyrical proses. Having him as the Emcee was refreshing and different from the usual Emcees we see that try so hard to be funny.

Other guests including Mr. Ayanwale Olayanju, a fantastic Yoruba poet,


And Mrs. Sally Mbanefo, Director General of the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation NTDC, who is an artist in her own right. Unfortunately, she took off before taking a picture with Wanma.

Reading her poem

Reading her poem

IMG_20150326_124648Wanma got to read her poem when she picked up her prize. On her own, she is a fast talker and I stumble over her words when she speaks. I guess it’s because she thinks fast too and has reached her destination while I am still struggling to pack my bags way behind her. This just goes to show that talent can be discovered at anytime, any age and in any way.


And so, with much pleasure, here is “Malaysia in my Memories”

Malaysia; In My Memories

I close my eyes, drifting away

To the silky beaches and clear waters of Kuantan*

Where the sun and breeze kiss my skin

To the deep forest of Taman Negara* that transports me through time

Where nature sings and speaks to the inner soul

To the heights of Mount. Kinabalu*

Where the world is at my feet and i wish my troubles away.

To the Lake of Putrajaya*

Where its waters is a mirror’s reflection of strength

To the food courts of Penang*

Where aroma and laughter dance together

Your graceful days filled with sunlight

Your tranquil nights that melt my soul into nothingness

Yet rejuvenating my inner being

But these are all I have of you; Memories

My memories of you I will always treasure

I dream to come back to you one day

Soon I will come back to you


Wanma Mary Yaro


This poem is about the beautiful places in Malaysia I had the opportunity to explore.

*Names of places



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