Summertime Sadness

Posted: August 27, 2014 in Itchy Fingers, Speedy Thoughts
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Summer…Sigh! This summer was…hot. The heat melted the ice cream in my hands and forced me into the cool sea water. It encouraged me to take off my braids and finally wear that 2 piece swimsuit I have always had but too shy to wear. It was so hot that sometimes, the only thing you could do was listen. Yes, listen to the waves as they hit shore, listen to voices around that are speaking a language you barely understand, listen to the songs that are carried away by the slight wind. Ahhh. These are the days I would remember when I find myself cuddling myself in a blanket in the strange wet Abuja weather. Having a fantastic soundtrack would help out too. So, here are some songs that rocked this summer for me. Some are a surprise like Taylor Swift (not really a fan) but the song has a cool message and she dances like me. That is just bad.

I can’t believe I am putting this song but every time I see girls at the beach, I think they would have gone bonkers for this so here goes…

I can never commit the crime of leaving Asa out of this list…

Hmmm. Maybe next summer, I will hustle for a job at the closest radio station to my location. It would be awesome and fly…


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