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So many have wwritten about the immigration exercise that so the disgusting level of desperation that the Nigerian citizen has been pushed into and the absolute non chaplaincy attitude our government has towards us. The fact that The exercise is meant to be repeated again should you all know what the government takes us as…fools.

Who needs a Publisher

The national farce known as Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) recruitment exercise is quickly fading into the distance as the dust settles from the stampede and the blood dries in the sand. To help it, and its accumulated N6,500,000,000 profit on its merry way, the federal government has apparently decided to give automatic employment to 3 members of each of the deceased’s families, as well as to those who were injured in the chaos.

I, for one, am disgusted beyond belief.

I am not so much disgusted at the fact that, knowing the country’s unemployment levels, the NIS and Ministry of Interior decided they could recuit for 4,556 jobs by allowing any number of millions to register and pay online, but forcing them to show up at 60,000 capacity stadiums for an exam that was, as far as I’ve heard, easy as pie, and not expect any trouble at all. I…

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