Love Before…

Posted: April 29, 2013 in Itchy Fingers

Last week, I posted something really depressing. It was me more or less venting out about the situation the country was in and all. I felt better after it. But I may have depressed you as well.

So, to right that, here is a brand new video from Laolu. If you remember, he was one of my very first interview here on this blog and I got to interview him as a charcoal artist but didn’t really touch on his music which, by the way, gives me hope that the Nigerian music industry is not totally going down the toilet full of bananas ( you would probably know what I am talking about if you keep your ears to the radio).

Though she doesn’t show in this video, he featured Lindsey, another really cool artiste. Hmmm, maybe, if i am lucky, I would get to do an interview with her as well (I really need to go back to that)

Anyway, enjoy and tell him what you think about the song and the video as well.

You can check out his works here.


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