Welcome Home 2013

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Itchy Fingers

2013. It can’t come any sooner than now. 2012 has been a hard year all around. It’s a year that carries many wrong doing been done by our societies, our religions, our cultures and ourselves. It’s a year I personally would want to forget. My quest for many things failed. A job, a sense of belonging, my place in the world and my purpose as well. This was a year that I found myself pushed to the brink of my extermination. My soul is so bruised that when I read the newspaper or hear the news about more deaths, I wonder if they are the lucky ones to finally leave this world and the sorrow it carries.

But here I am, finally at the end of 2012. I made it. The mayans were right about a lot of things especially about this year being the end. I take it as the end. The end to me tearing myself apart and not thinking that I am good enough for a lot of things. Because as messed up as 2012 was for me personally, I gain so much too. I learned my strength. I learned to come back again. I learned that I just can’t sit down. I learned that I love working with my hands again. I learned that I still love learning new things. I learned to be less critical and enjoy the flow especially with movies :D. I learned that my family loves me and they always have my back. I learned that tears actually make you stronger.

So, Arrivederci 2012. You knocked me out better than my sister ever did 😉 but I was a good student. I enter 2013 with hope. Nooooo. Not hope that Nigerians have. The kind that makes you sit and wait for a miracle. No. This hope comes with her sister. Work. As that age old saying, faith without work is useless, that is just what it is for me now.

And I hope it will be for you too. I am gonna hope but also work my butt off to hold unto everything I cherish. My love, my family, my friends and my beliefs.

Benvenuto 2013.


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