The Not-So-Funny Side of Aluu 4

Posted: October 10, 2012 in Itchy Fingers, Speedy Thoughts
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ALUU4. That is newest thing right now in Nigeria. Everywhere, Aluu 4 is now the topic of discussion. From Facebook to twitter, it’s all over the place. Which it should be. With how the social media has helped in so many ways from saving Debbie to organizing occupy naija, the social media has pushed many things, many experiences into the faces of those that play ignorant to the plight of people they are responsible for.

The Incident of Aluu 4 has let us know the Nigeria we hope not to see happens in front of us, day to day, so much that our senses are numb to such things. Those who got it all on video showed  the callousness of their hearts. However, if they didn’t video it, the wave of displeasure and cry for justice would not have been as big as this for the 4 victims.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not in any way saying they did good in documenting the horrid act. But sometimes, when we don’t see the evidence of our wickedness, we won’t believe that we can succumb to such pits of horror and hell.

Now, that we see what we are capable of, the terror in one’s soul has finally pushed many into crying out for justice for the 4. Because you can see yourself in the place of the 4…or even worse, in the place of those who so thoughtlessly, took the 4.

BBC interview of Aluu 4 Families

But one thing that gets me really riled up is when jokes are made about happenings like this. For God’s sake, This is a serious issue that has shown how much value we put in our neighbor’s life and all one can do is cook up jokes about deep rooted agony like this.

You the joker, would you laugh if it was your brother that was burnt up alive for what ever reason there is on the streets? You the joker, would you rush to put your “creative cap” on when you hear that your son was killed on the streets just like that? You the joker, would you have ran quickly to post up your fabulous idea online if you had witness it in front of your eyes? You the joker, would you have laughed if you were surrounded by blood-crazed savages who are just looking for a way to feed their black holes of hearts. Would you?

Nigerians have been known for their strength in handling circumstances that would have crushed other nations. I believe it’s our ability to pour out sorrows in light moods and easy words that keep body and soul together. But maybe now, we are so addicted to it that even painful issues that we should hold unto to fuel us into moving, we let it go with easy words. It’s probably one of the reasons why those in government never take us, our words and our actions serious. Because, they are sure that we will reduce it down to jokes for a quick laugh. We did it with occupy Nigeria, we are doing it with the floods and we have started with Aluu 4. They all started with righteous anger and ended up as a fool’s joke.

My heart goes out to the family of the 4.  Llyod Michael, Ugonna Ibuzor, Tekena Elkanah, Chidiaka Biringa. No one can ever say they know the reason as to why this happened to you. But I just pray and hope that your names would stand as testaments to the day Justice finally found her back to Nigeria.

  1. Yane K says:

    The level of depravity that has gripped Naija is hard to fathom, kai!

    • amsayaro says:

      Yes. it is frightening to believe that any one could have been one of the victims. The place we call home is clutching at the straws of humanity…

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