Just for the chip of it…

Posted: October 5, 2012 in Itchy Fingers, Talking Pictures

A friend of mine once wrote on his blog that the best camera you can ever have is the one in your hands (I think he got it from something he read) And it hit me. A huge POW!!! on my chest. Really, because if you happen to hang around me alot, you would hear me talk about getting one of those DSLR cameras that make any girl look like she just landed from heaven straight, you know. At some point in time, that was all I ever wanted. My eye was on the Canon 7D then once I saw I would probably have to sell everything I have to get that, my level reduced small to the Canon T3i…then Canon T2i. At some point in time, as my life’s demands started changing and other things were expected of me, I would have been happy with a Fujifilm camera.

But…my Olympus never gave up on me. true yes, I treated it the way I treat all my possessions…rough, tough, dragged it across country, slept on top of it, dropped it a few times and never cried over the guy one bit (well, except the first time I dropped it). Got its ass frozen in snow, burnt and sweaty in summer, covered by baby saliva, you name it, he saw it.



But even with all that, My Oly helped my business grow, kept memories in stand still and made normal objects look extraordinary (with the help of photoshop, of course). My Oly is in my hands and I am gonna use him until he finally gives up the ghost from the abuse, even when I finally get my Red 😀



  1. Way to go girl…I’m inspired. Not just to start taking pix by the way, but thinking more like all the stuff I dream about but never actually do like read that new book or go visit this person or that, mostly cos I feel I don’t have enough time. Well like you keep telling me, I’ll have to make the time and start where I can, so that’s what I’ll do. One baby step at a time. Start with the camera in my hand.
    By the way one of the things on my elusive list is to start a blog…I’ve been ‘scribbling’ ideas in the notepad of my phone…one of these days…

    • amsayaro says:

      Thanks. I also have to follow my advice as well. I have slacked a bit (ok, not a bit, quite a lot) We have gone half way, knowing what we need to do. Now, the most important step is just taking that step 🙂

  2. Ango says:

    NIce piece! Up the tempo.

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