Saving Meka

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Speedy Thoughts
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Ok, it has come to a point where many are wondering what is going on with Saving Meka. Many all around are pulling resources to get this going but yet, compared to how Funmi was saved and how there is so much attention given to Debbie, I know that funds would come and save her…which is really good. It shows the Nigeria that many believed had died and its giving hope back. But… #savemeka started long before #savefunmi and it hasn’t even made up to half of what Meka needs to get his life back. #savedebbie is on full throttle and most likely, would surpass #savemeka…again. Its not a competition, please, that is not my point here. But why isn’t help coming towards #savemeka as fast as it has for Funmi and I believe for Debbie. Is it because he is a man? Is it because is he is working? Is it because he is working for a huge company that spends millions in beauty contests and other things like that?

Well, twitter has been going on and on about it, demanding that his employers, Silverbird group should help in getting him the funds instead of making only Ads. I don’t know what has been done by them to help their employee but it seems like they will take the route Nigerian companies usually take to those that help in making their companies successful…nothing, Zilch, Nada. And its good that people are demanding this. it really is…but the sad part is that people are using this as an excuse not to help someone in need. Many say “…After-all, if he can work with Silverbird, he should have something to help himself.” or “Silverbird is a huge group, it can take care of itself…” and so much more. Some even think its a scam. Thank God, so far, I haven’t heard of any incident of anyone trying to make something out of it like #savefunmi…or maybe they know something that I don’t.

Yes, they all have a point but if in the end, Meka’s employees don’t do anything and his life is wasted away, what would happen after that? Ok ok, classic Naija scenario, papers would make a huge story out of it to sell. Some human rights activists would make noise about medical condition’s, health insurance and employment benefits and all. Some may hit the streets and shout “we no go gree oh” from the bottom of their lungs and after a month ( I hope it would last a month), it would be all quiet and calm, just like it became for the fuel subsidy. I mean, people stopped thinking about fuel subsidy and it affects them personally, so talk less of a 31 year old man somewhere who needed a kidney transplant but his bosses didn’t help.

At some point in time, we would have to do something about our health situation in Nigeria. People are dying for no just cause. Right now, Meka needs your help. Forget what his bosses should be doing. Infact, if you say his bosses should help and you are not doing anything to help out because of that excuse, then you are in the same boat his bosses are in…cruel, stingy and pathetic.

Look how happy Meka and Sly are about me finally killing the cake. You can fill the excitement can’t you?

I know Meka. I worked with him, played with him, fought with him. He was and still is my friend. He is my brother and I am doing what I can to help. Right now, I dont care if its someone duty to get his health back to where it was and believe me, Meka is one of the strongest and most vital people you would know. All I want is my Meka to be back on his feet, chowing down pounded yam like no man’s business, going around and making people like me know that he always has my back even when I am not the nicest person in the world. And quite frankly, I want a world where I can

They really are best together

always call a guy and his wife won’t freak out because she knows who I am (Wassup Chirstie 🙂 )

He brings joy to you if you listen to him in the morning. He gives artistes the chance to shine on the airwaves when he takes over. He takes care of his sisters and watches out for the bad guys who want to “get ahead” with them. He invites you over to the Pachanga spot close to his home and buys you the best indomie you can ever get with a chilled bottle of coke that washes away all the craziness of the day. He gives you a shoulder to cry on when you need one ( and also boycotts ex-boyfriends in support for you…well, for me anyway)

Please, I ask as a sister, help Meka. Even if you don’t have anything, you are online, you are reading this, meaning you have access to information and people. Get the word out there, put it in people’s faces, organize a charity in church, do something, anything. Pray. Sometimes, its not even money that makes a difference, its the support and knowing that you are still wanted in the world and people are around you no matter what, that gives strength to the soul.

All donations can be made at any Zenith Bank Branch – Account number 2080664569, Account Name Akerejola Meka as well as GTB ac No: 002 305 4669 Akerejola Meka.  You can also call Ojo Olawale on 07025096839 for more details.

Save Meka now. Deal with his bosses later.

P.S : Ok, sources say that his employers have given an amount. Not sure of how much just yet. But right now 3.2 Million has been raised so far. Its great but we still have a long way to go.

Thank you so much for #savedebbie. Like I said, donations were on full throttle and she has received the amount she needs for her care.



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