Ugochi: A True Sister of the Earth

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Itchy Fingers

When we entered February and I thought of the kinds of topics I would write for this blog, I was depressed about writing cos of all the happenings that went on in Nigeria. I mean, with SURE scrapped out  and the palliatives that GEJ promised aren’t going to be fulfilled, in fact, who knows where those 1,100 buses that we were assured were on their way and we still haven’t smelled their tires yet. Also, everyone else is writing the same things. problems here, solutions there, opinions opinions everywhere. But…one thing about all that I have seen is that they all have this “you are doomed” feel about it and when you read, you think Nigeria is the worst place you can find yourself in. I mean, Hell and Nigeria are both running for the No. 1 position for the “Don’t Even Go There” competition.Yes, that’s how bad everything is. It may all be true but I am so sick and tired of reading and hearing and seeing these things, I logged out completely.

But then, once in a while, you hear something that is so great and fills you with hope. You are really excited about it and that spark of “I can do all things” just takes up and you feel a glow grow inside of you. That was how I felt when I heard Ugochi Anyaka, a friend of my mine got the United Nations Environment Programme’s Young Environmental Journalist Award (YEJA). She got it for a report she did on how people are saving the environment by using paper as fuel instead of wood. I mean, it sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Paper that is like an epidemic on our streets and people like you and I have found something at last to use it for. And all she did was us tell about it. That’s it. And now, she is been celebrated for backing up Mother Earth.

Ugochi Anyaku accepting her award

As small as it may sound, she didn’t let the Naija system hold her down. How many people understand what climate change is about or even care? But she kept on going and see where it has taken her. And I believe that it is the resilience of the Nigerian spirit that many have failed to hold unto that got her to where she is.

I am proud to call her my friend and I am proud call her an inspiration that no matter what situation Nigeria is in, there are many out there that are holding on to the spirit of belief, determination and always pushing forward. We should be those type of people, each and every one of us. Because that is what Nigeria needs now. And we cannot fail Her…

Ugochi’s Interview

Congratulations, Ugo. You just made me fired up again…

  1. RMG says:

    Now that’s really inspiring. I have to do something relevant before my time expires here!

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