DIY: A Simple Boho Bracelet

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Hello all. I hope you had a fun weekend and are so ready to end April with a a big bang. I know I am. Phew. It has been full of Ā activities, projects and so much work on re-re-starting up my busineā€¦

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Most times we see stories of women suffering, in poverty and with little to call their own. Then once in a while, a bright star would appear and remind us that most times, all it takes is the courage to step out of the conditions you find yourself in and just make it work. Yes, it would be hard but it is not impossible. Carry on Mama Furniture. Really proud of you.

Moonchild's Temple


Faith Okeikwue, 48, is a famous carpenter in Mararaba,a suburb of Abuja who has earned the nickname Mama Furniture. She has sponsored her children to university working as a carpenter. For her, carpentry is not just a means of livelihood; it is a love affair from her childhood.


It was almost noon. The sun was hot and in the resultant heat, traders and artisans along Mararabaā€™s Old Karu Road, just outside Abuja, retreated into the shades of their business premises or under sun-beaten parasols, watching the cars drive pass.

Under a tattered patchwork of an awning, shredded in parts, a young carpenter was hard at work, hammering nails into a piece of fitment while a woman in a pink vest and a yellow wax wrapper leaned on a table watching him casually. She could pass for a customer, or one of the women selling things nearby. But in factā€¦

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Tree on a Bottle…

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And it finally came out. I should do this more often…


Ahhh. I am finally sitting in front of the laptop, ready to dish out about how I made this treeā€¦and the words are just not coming out. So, I think this is going to be one of my shortest posts. But it will be full of pictures. The pictures would show how I moved to create the tree. I was trying this out for a concept i thought of: Trees of Life. Basically to make different trees that are considered highly valuable in any society or environment it is in. Like the Moringa Tree, The Coconut Tree, The Baobab Tree and much more.

OK, this is the first tree so bear with me. I still havenā€™t finished it yet, just the leaves left. It resembles a Neem tree, which is why I gave an African village theme underneath. The Sun and huts are from paper clay while the tree itselfā€¦

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Who needs a Publisher


Ā Starting in February, the Nigerian Army (NA) made some very impressive gains against Boko Haram (BH) insurgents, liberating most of the towns and villages under the latterā€™s control and pushing them back into the now-infamous Sambisa forest. Not only that, the army has been attacking the insurgents in their stronghold and rescuing several hundreds of captives. By now, it is well-known that the successes have been in no small part thanks to a private military company (PMC) called STTEP. But how exactly did they manage to pull it off?

Note: This is the second in a 3-part series examining the contracting of STTEP by the Nigerian government to beat back the insurgents.In the first part, IĀ looked at the timeline behind the hiring of a private, armed, foreign company to help fight this war. In this part, I discuss the roles they played, including tactics, what it has achievedā€¦

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It’s clearly that simple. “if you want to talk, invite us in.”

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President Buhari Image credit:

If President Muhammadu Buhari is serious about defeating Boko Haram; if he really means to protect the lives and property of people all over this country; if he is not joking when he speaksĀ about erecting and maintainingĀ ā€œan efficient, disciplined peopleā€“friendly and wellā€“compensated security force within an overall security architectureā€, thenĀ there is one moveĀ he can make that would be unmistakable. MrĀ Buhari, tear down these barricades.

Virtually every Nigerian knows the barricades of which I speak. For those not acquainted with the phenomenon, here is a synopsis: On a Nigerian street, you may encounter barricades of reinforced concrete roughly 2-3 feet tall, barrels full of sand and stone, or sandbags piled up about 5 feet high. Do not be alarmed, you have not crossed into a war zone. You are simply approaching a government installation where some VIPs happen to frequent. There are police stations in major cities thatā€¦

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Gossip Protocol

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The grapevine can be an optimal source of information if harnessed well. Read on…

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I often hear about how thousands, even millions, of people have been displaced in Nigeria. The numbers, however, are usually rough estimates that are disputed by various stakeholders. Here is my idea for how to determine, as accurately as possible, how many people have been killed, how many are genuinely missing, as well as where exactly the survivors are and even what mischief they get up to on the weekends.

How do you solve a problem?

It is well known that Internally Displaced People (IDPs) are not all concentrated in the camps provided. Some live with relatives, others have been taken in by complete strangers, and still others have been resettled by religious institutions. Thatā€™s what makes the job of determining how many people have been killed, how many displaced, where those are currently located, and how they are rebuilding their lives so challenging. As well, we donā€™t have muchā€¦

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A year has passed. Some would be celebrating anniversaries of joy, marriages, birthdays, success and just good life. Some would reflect back today and remember how far they have come towards reaching their goals. It could be anything. Done with WAEC, a proposal, an admission to school, anything. It has been a great year for some, a tough year for others. However, would we be comfortable enough to easily use the word ‘tough’ when it comes to marking a year of the missing chibok girls?

A year ago, over 219 girls were taken from school, by men who have caused havoc and operated in terror. Men, carrying guns and driving big cars, coming to just take them away with no explanation and no reason whatsoever. Girls, all at the blossoming time of their lives, a time when they were making plans and preparing for the path that would lead them to become the women they should be, snatched away by the evil, the greed and lust of men who have no cause.

Of course, since they are in a country, they should be rescued and saved as soon as possible. However, reverse was the case when their plight was used for political drama and play for power. The silence from Aso Rock was unbearable. And the only way it was shattered was when the international society forced it to look towards Sambisa Forest to save face.


Malala Yousafzai’s open letter to the Chibok girls

Buhari as President-Elect, made a statement as we mark this sad and embarassing day in Nigeria’s history:


“Today is a time to reflect on the pain and suffering of the victims, their friends and families. Our thoughts and prayers, and that of the whole Nigerian Nation, are with you today. I want to assure all of them, and particularly the parents, that when my new Administration takes office at the end of May, we will do everything we can to defeat Boko Haram. We will act differently from the Government we replace: we hear the anguish of our citizens and intend to respond accordingly.

This new approach must also begin with honesty. We do not know if the Chibok girls can be rescued. Their whereabouts remain unknown. As much as I wish to, I cannot promise that we can find them. But I say to every parent, family member and friend of the children that my Government will do everything in its power to bring them home. What I can pledge, with absolute certainty, is that starting on the first day of my Administration Boko Haram will know the strength of our collective will and commitment to rid this nation of terror, and bring back peace and normalcy to all the affected areas. Boko Haramā€ means ā€œWestern Education is Sinfulā€. When they are defeated militarily, as they will be, we will ensure our citizens in the affected areas have improved educational opportunities as a direct counterbalance to Boko Haramā€™s twisted ideology.

In particular we will educate ever more young girls ensuring they are empowered as citizens of Nigeria. Let us use this anniversary to remind each other that the attack on Chibok was an attack on the dreams and aspirations of our young people. We stand united in our pledge to resist terror in Nigeriaā€“ not just through military means but also through the power of opportunity and the hope of a better future for all.”

I call it an embarrassing day because a whole Nigeria, Giant of Africa, a country that has protected others outside its borders, cannot even protect or rescue her own children. It is shameful that we even have to mark a day like this. This day has gone beyond terror the Chibok girls have gone through. This day commemorates the dignity that we have lost as a nation.

The elections just ended on a surprisingly peaceful note in most parts of the country. Many have shouted on the rooftops that the Outgoing President be seen as a hero and bestowed a Nobel Prize for his act of conceding to defeat. However, this is not the face of a hero.


But I offer you faces of heros. Girls taken away from all they have known into captivity and enduring it all with a hope of seeing their families again.


Mothers who never stopped crying and standing up to the government and demanding that their voices be heard and their girls rescued.

Fathers who risked their lives in pursuit of their girls despite knowing that they themselves might never make it back but had to do something for their girls.

Protesters who stood and never let it slide in different parts of the world.

Soldiers who are willing and are only waiting for that order to strike.

To the Chibok Girls, may God be with each and everyone of you. May you never lose sight of hope. May you all be brought back home and may you all have the courage to build and live life better than what you were meant to.

bring back our

Bring Back Our Girls.